Industrial Rustic Warmth.

Our Vintage Loft collection derives its character from the plank floors of the industrial buildings of previous generations, the warehouses and factories in downtowns and commercial districts throughout the world. Over time, some of these building spaces while retaining the rustic charm of their utilitarian origins. Like your father’s leather jacket, your favorite reading chair, or those treasured blue jeans, Vintage Loft floors are warm, welcoming, and perfectly worn in.

Beauty + Brawn

– Easy Clean, Closed Pore UV Cured Oil Finish

– Weathered and Reclaimed Textures

– Gently Brushed to Reveal Authentic Grain

– 50 Year Residential Warranty

– Super Matte Sheen

Multi-Ply Core

– Engineered For Maximum Stability

– Versatile Installation Capabilities

– Renewably Sourced Core Material

– Cross Directional Hardwood Substrate

Go Long!

– Variable Lengths up to 8’

– Exceeds Industry Standards

Styles (refer to photos)

  • Bricktown – European White Oak
  • Foundry – European White Oak
  • Gristmill – European White Oak
  • Harborside – European White Oak
  • Market Square – European White Oak
  • Millhouse – European White Oak
  • Railyard – European White Oak
  • West End – European White Oak

Well Built

– 9/16” Thick Profile

– 4mm Sawn Cut Hardwood Veneer

– Highest Caliber Precision Milling

8 1/2” Extra Wide Planks