Historic Beauty, Solidly Crafted.

Storehouses and utility buildings of years past were built with rough-milled lumber, valued for its strength and durability. Now, we appreciate the authentic honesty and inherent beauty of real wood. Bring home the Storehouse Plank collection and enjoy the centuries of aged perfection in every solid plank.

Beauty + Brawn

– Ultra-matte UV oil finish

– 50-year residential warranty

Rough Hewn

– Brushed to reveal authentic grain
– Weathered and reclaimed textures
– Textured with distinct milling and saw marks
– Internationally milled to varied thicknesses

Go Long!

– Variable lengths up to 8 inches

– Exceeds industry standards

(refer to photos)

Barrel (Hickory)
Crate (Hickory)
Keg (Hickory)
Bushel (White Oak)
Cask (White Oak)
Coffer (White Oak)
Drum (White Oak)
Parcel (White Oak)

Well Built

– ¾-inch thick profile

– Solid tongued & grooved hardwood

– Highest caliber precision milling

Extra Wide

5-inch extra wide planks