Unique Heritage. Timeless Style.

First appearing in the mid-17th century, the Saltbox style home was named for its resemblance to the oft-used kitchen fixture of the day. Their unique roofline, timber frame construction, and varied width plank floors characterized the homes.

The simplicity and strength of this design has made the saltbox house a New England icon. Weathered textured, random widths, and a subdued sheen bring the historic look and feel of the Saltbox style to your home.

Beauty + Brawn

– Easy Clean Urethane Finish

– Durable Infused Urethane

– Weathered and Reclaimed Textures

– 50 Year Residential Warranty

– Super Matte Sheen

Multi-Ply Core

– Engineered For Maximum Stability

– Versatile Installation Capabilities

– Renewably Sourced Core Material

– Cross Directional Hardwood Substrate

Go Long!

– Variable Lengths up to 6”

– Exceeds Industry Standards

Styles (refer to photos)

  • Amhearst – Hickory
  • Bedford – Hickory
  • Berkshire – Hickory
  • Danvers – Hickory
  • Brockton – Maple
  • Concord – Maple
  • Sturbridge – Maple
  • Westfield – Maple

Well Built

– ½” Thick Profile

– 2mm Sliced Hardwood Veneer

– Highest Caliber Precision Milling

4” – 6” – 8” Extra Wide Planks

– Equal lineal Footage in Each Box