Curate Your Space.

In an art museum, or gallery, the curator is the one who “acquires, cares for and develops displays of the art that will be of particular interest, value and inspiration to the general public.” A selection from our Gallery will add inspiration and value to your home with its unprecedented palette of rich and distinct colors, with Real Wood Floors’ Gallery Collection.

Beauty + Brawn

– Ultra Matte, Easy Clean Urethane Finish

– 50 Year Residential Warranty

– Masterpiece Elements

-Thermal Color Treatments

– Tannin Reactive Stains

– Wirebrush Features

– White Washing

– Artisan Fuming

Multi-Ply Core

– Engineered For Maximum Stability

– Versatile Installation Capabilities

– Renewably Sourced Core Material

– Cross Directional Hardwood Substrate

Go Long!

– Variable Lengths up to 7”

– Exceeds Industry Standards

Styles (refer to photos)

  • Hermitage – European White Oak
  • Louvre – European White Oak
  • Metropolitan – European White Oak
  • Philbrook – European White Oak
  • Prado – European White Oak
  • Uffizi – European White Oak
  • D’orsay – European White Oak

Well Built

– 3/4” Thick Profile

– 5mm Sawn Cut Hardwood Veneer

– Highest Caliber Precision Milling

7” Extra Wide Planks