Bring Home Industry Innovations.

The process of making hardwood veneers in a way that preserves the natural wood grain and maximizes efficiency was perfected in 1875, creating a beautiful and economic way of creating engineered hardwood floors. Celebrate that momentous step forward and bring home gorgeous, gently brushed wood floors with the Eighteen Seventy-Five Collection.

Beauty + Brawn

– Easy clean urethane finish

– Weathered textures and gently brushed grain

– 25-year residential warranty

– Satin matte sheen

Multi-Ply Core

– Engineered for maximum stability

– Versatile installation capabilities

– Renewably sourced core material

– Cross-directional hardwood substrate

Go Long!

– Variable lengths up to 6 inches

– Exceeds industry standards

(refer to photos)

Doddington (Maple)
Fairfield (Maple)
Westminister (Maple)
Brunel (White Oak)
Putney (White Oak)
Surrey (White Oak)
Thames (White Oak)
Wandsworth (White Oak)

Well Built

– 3/8-inch thick profile

– 1.5-millimeter sliced hardwood veneer

– Highest caliber precision milling

Extra Wide

6-inch extra wide planks