Our floors look absolutely amazing!

Excellent Quality and Customer Service! Nick is full with hardwood flooring knowledge and is confident in his ability and skills.

We had taken out a half wall and need new wood lace-in in that area. Previous Flooring contractors mentioned that we need to rip up the entire floor and replace it with new hardwoods. Well this seem to costly and didnt fit into our budget. We decided to get another opinion and we are glad that we did.

Nick said that he could lace-in that area but would have to rip up a small section of the existing floor so that the lace-in would match up properly which was a way better option for us to move forward with the project. Nick delivered! Our floors look absolutely amazing!

Nick seemed more-so to work with our budget rather then trying to get as much money out of us as possible. Nick will also be refinishing all 20 of our rentals at some point in time and we are more then happy to give him the work. Especially, when he is the owner/operator preforming all the work with no helpers.

I’ve never installed or refinished hardwood floors before, but I can only imagine how much work this is for one person. He never complained, was always on time, communication was on point, and he finished up with the project in the same time crews of two and three said they would be done.

Nick is our flooring guy from here on out!

Amy H.