My Hardwood Flooring Company

How refreshing it is to have a someone to shoot you straight! Told Nick exactly what I wanted and he gave me as many options as he could to best suit my needs. Nick is very knowledgeable when it comes to hardwood floors, and I see that from him telling me he use to do all the work with no help before he started to grow his company.

One other thing I wanted to notate was the fact that Nick came by the house to check on his crew, which they were doing an amazing job. To add to my satisfaction, a few minutes later, I seen Nick in a complete change of clothes working alongside his guys. When I asked Nick why he was manual laboring since he had a crew working… his response was, “I have nothing left to do today and I don’t like sitting around and watching people work. I’m not going to have my guys do something that I’m not fully capable of doing myself.”

Now that’s leading by example!

The Good Ol Boy will be my Hardwood Flooring Company until the day I die!

Gary W.